Mens Liga Polyester Soccer Socks (Set of 14 Pairs)



Mens Liga Polyester Soccer Socks (Set of 14 Pairs)

95% Polyester

5% Elastic

Suitable for shoe size UK6 to UK12

Available in 33 Colour Combinations

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Royal/White, Red/White, Emerald/White, Black/White, Royal/Gold, Emerald/Gold, Gold/Black, Maroon/White, Sky/Navy, Orange/White, Navy/White, Fluoro Green/Royal, Red/Black, Fluoro Pink/Charcoal, Navy/Fluoro Yellow, Fluoro Yellow/Charcoal, Fluoro Cyan/Charcoal, Plain Charcoal, Plain Black, Plain White, Plain Royal, Plain Red, Plain Emerald, Plain Gold, Plain Orange, Plain Navy, Plain Bottle, Plain Maroon, Plain Sky Blue, Plain Fluoro Yellow, Plain Fluoro Orange, Plain Pink, Plain Yellow




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